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HAYWIRE was born from the idea that there’s neglected beauty to be found in unexpected twists of fate and unusual places.

We believe in a little magic, and that even inanimate objects carry a soul.
We hope that each of our pieces will follow you through your adventures, and bring its’ own charm to your journey.

Jewelry is rich in symbolism, and we like emotions. Each one of our jewels has been therefore crafted with a certain vitality we wish to bring you, so that you may carry it with you, and in turn share your own story with the objects you choose.

All of our beautiful pieces have been crafted in Bali and Thailand by using high quality metals which have been tested for components and the latest technology plating. Our staff has optimum wages and working conditions.

The semi- precious gems we use have been sourced ethically. Metal is also completely recyclable, therefore we are proud to say there is no waste or cruelty involved in the production of our beautiful pieces.

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