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The Rotbort is the uniform of the conscientious identity. It is not for everyone. That one who shares our brand philosophy is dare to stand out. The brand was manifested as the thought-form of Bella Rotbort, the founder of the project. Every single model is designed for the individual to be unique.

The headwear line is based on the image concept of cyberpunk superimposed on classic silhouettes. Premium quality fabrics collected from different parts of the world, stainless metal décor, 925 sterling silver, bold prints created in collaboration with tattoo artists and emphasized futuristic severity. This is not an accessory of one season, it is a philosophy of many years.

Rotbort is fundamentally handcrafted. Every detail from the branded pin to the visor is made by the man – it's enough of the machines in the world. The base of hats and caps are crafted from velour and high quality woolfelt from England and Czech Republic . Velor is made from rabbit fur felt, it's so velvety and has a slight metallic sheen. That kind of a headdress retains its appearance for more than 10 years. The woolfelt is made of sheep wool, it's more matte and denser and still ideal for up to 5 years.

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