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“Sensity” is the ideal word that came from sensation. With our line “the pleasure of senses” we wish our product could bring you back to those emotions, and precious memories, especially with our aromatherapy, refreshing, and sweet fragrance products.

We produce our product with natural, premium ingredients, animal cruelty-free, and vegan-based. We believe everything we created has to be beneficial to our environment. To give you the best experience with us, we have created premium soy-based scented candles, natural rose coconut face mist, vegan lip balms, and vegan bath bombs which are perfect if combined with our candles to give you stress relief and calmness.

Sensity is a brand based in Bali and all products are made with love and care for nature. Every product that you have purchased, will contribute back to the environment in Bali which is also as known as the Island of the Gods. So let’s spread the love with us!

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