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An INNI Crystal Pocket Perfume is just like a concentrated Eau de Perfum minus the unfriendly ingredients.
Our Pocket Perfumes are safe-for-skin absorption and don’t contain any dehydrating ingredients making it suitable for most skin types.

Our mini INNI Pocket Perfumes contain locally sourced and ethically mined crystal chips. 
Easy to carry and use for on the go!

1) BORNEO with TOURMALINE : Jasmine, patchouli & musk
2) ROSA VOCA with AMETHYST : Sweet, with hints of candy, peaches & lily
3) SATURNUS with HOWLITE : Sandalwood, Ginger Spices, Lemon & Hits of Rosemarry
4) PERI with PERIDOT : Powdery Violet with Aquatic Tones and Fruity Yellow Florals
5) LAZULI with LAPIZ LAZULI : Sweet Black Vanilla with Soft Spicy Chocolate Notes, and Hints of Forest Wood

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