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A raw textured T-shirt with light yellow and black paint texture.

This soft medium-weight 100% cotton T-shirt  had many different washes to create that amazing soft vintage feeling and look. 

Please note that if the fabric reveals small spots or color shades, this is due the manual process intended to create a worn raw vintage look. It is not a Dyeing defect or other.

T-shirt weight & thickness
We define our tshirts in 3 categories. The lightweight, the medium weight and the heavy weight T-shirts. So far the tshirts we have been producing are light weight and medium weight tshirts, the 40's cotton and the 50's cotton.

Here is the comparison between the 3 types of shirts.

Light Weight Shirts:
A Light Weight shirt is one that is less than 5 oz.
It is usually preferred during summer season. They are breathable which makes it a good shirt for those hot days during the summer. The feel great and soft on the skin and depending on the color of the T-shirt they might be slightly see through during a bright sunny day.

Medium Weight Shirts:
Medium Weight shirts weighs somewhere between 5 oz – 6 oz. As you might guess, medium weight shirts have the best of the both worlds! They are great for all seasons, although of course they will keep you a little warm in winter and a little cooler in summer.
Overall, their biggest advantage is that if you want most of the benefits of a light weight shirt, but the durability of heavy weight, then this shirt would make a good choice.

Heavy Weight Shirts:
A Heavy Weight shirt is one that weights 6 oz or greater.
The fabric is thick, and the shirt feels a little heavy (in a good way). It feels warmer than a light weight shirt, however this does not always make it a bad choice for the summer.
Nonetheless, many people prefer these shirts in winter.

What does Oz mean in shirts?
Oz is short for Ounce. It is a measuring unit for Imperial System used in United States.
Even though companies write 5oz or 6oz weight for their shirts in product description, what they really mean is 5 ounce per yard square or 6 ounce per yard square.
A 6 oz shirt is around 200 gsm
A 5 oz shirt is around 170 gsm
GSM means grams per meters squared.

Washing instructions
Cold wash

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