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At SIXTYONESAINTS al t-shirts are Handmade from start to finish with the finest of cotton and all are hand dyed. Our tees are rare in their quality and craftsmanship.


T-shirt weight & thickness
We define our tshirts in 3 categories. The lightweight, the medium weight and the heavy weight T-shirts. So far the tshirts we have been producing are light weight and medium weight tshirts, the 40's cotton and the 50's cotton.

Here is the comparison between the 3 types of shirts.

Light Weight Shirts:
A Light Weight shirt is one that is less than 5 oz.
It is usually preferred during summer season. They are breathable which makes it a good shirt for those hot days during the summer. The feel great and soft on the skin and depending on the color of the T-shirt they might be slightly see through during a bright sunny day.

Medium Weight Shirts:
Medium Weight shirts weighs somewhere between 5 oz – 6 oz. As you might guess, medium weight shirts have the best of the both worlds! They are great for all seasons, although of course they will keep you a little warm in winter and a little cooler in summer.
Overall, their biggest advantage is that if you want most of the benefits of a light weight shirt, but the durability of heavy weight, then this shirt would make a good choice.

Heavy Weight Shirts:
A Heavy Weight shirt is one that weights 6 oz or greater.
The fabric is thick, and the shirt feels a little heavy (in a good way). It feels warmer than a light weight shirt, however this does not always make it a bad choice for the summer.
Nonetheless, many people prefer these shirts in winter.

What does Oz mean in shirts?
Oz is short for Ounce. It is a measuring unit for Imperial System used in United States.
Even though companies write 5oz or 6oz weight for their shirts in product description, what they really mean is 5 ounce per yard square or 6 ounce per yard square.
A 6 oz shirt is around 200 gsm
A 5 oz shirt is around 170 gsm
GSM means grams per meters squared.

Washing instructions
Cold wash

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    All goods are produced in small drops to offer you unique products and for it's designers a playground to create.

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