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W&M Earrings

W&M Earrings

W&M Earrings
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Equity, the story behind the asymmetrical W&M Earrings.
Justice and activism has been a big part of Ariana’s life back in Buenos Aires: social, human rights, gender, and racial. Through design we communicate our strongest values and beliefs. 
W&M Earrings are part of the design exploration for balance between the feminine and masculine in an asymmetric equity, where from the differences we find respect and acceptance. This pair is a reminder to build a world where Women and Men (including the diverse spectrum of gender identity) are equals in the context of balancing and acknowledging the different needs to achieve this ideal. That’s why  this pair of statement earrings was born, in equity and justice.
We have both the feminine and the masculine within ourselves and, in their dance and balance, we find our own voice and authenticity to speak it out-loud.
Size: 75 mm long
No plating, no plastic coating.
Butterfly sterling silver stud fastening. 
Brass earrings feature sterling silver ear posts.
Design by an Argentinian designer.
Handforged in Bali by Joko and Darmo.
Recyclable packaging made of bamboo and velvet silk.
Each piece is individually handmade to order, therefore production time varies. Please allow approximately 2 weeks until shipment.
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