Collection: Argentum

Argentum, a silver jewelry brand born on the island of Bali, has absorbed the skills of local jewelers and is inspired by the natural facets and shapes of the island's natural matter. Rocks, waves, and the topography of rice fields all laid the foundation for the brand's design. The unique style of jewelry subtly feels the influence of Scandinavian culture: minimalism, aesthetics, neatness, smooth lines. They create unsurpassed style and individuality without overloading the product with unnecessary details. Not without reason the name of the brand comes from the Latin word - SILVER (47 atomic number in the Mendeleev table), goes back to the Proto-Indo-European language *arg- "to shine". Since all jewelry is created from high quality sterling silver, it is designed to shine and stand out through its unique design. And the eco-friendly packaging actively supports the concept of responsible consumption, trying to preserve the pristine look of the favorite island.