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One of the values we are spreading is sustainability of life. We believe this philosophy supports such phenomenons as
- respect to hand made work,
- openness for young designers and as a result …
- creativity,
- higher level of wages in industry,
- respect to each person needs ( customized stuff),
- more enjoyment from shopping and who knows, how many more things.

Yes, Hedonist Store supports brands that are still happy to customize. Means, they are enjoying the process of creation and input energy in what they do. Pretty sure, you would feel it by making a purchase.

Please, note, sustainability means production in small batches, that may cause:
- a longer period of delivery
- the colour of item ordered may be slightly different (as fabrics dyeing is quiet specific process, especially if made by organic way)
- the price for made-to measure item may be higher than that standard one.

This is how we imagine new standard of shopping full of respect and enjoyment. Join us!