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About us

Hedonist store is multi-brand boutique existing in both offline and online spaces, offering customers a curated selection of clothing, footwear, jewelry, festival merchandise, cosmetics, art objects, home decor items created by local young designers.

It is also a place that brings together community members in creative and educational projects, movements aimed at helping those in need, projects highlighting the life and events of the community.

We have around 150 members and keep growing.

All the Brands that are presented here are in touch with each other and compete by working on personal uniqueness but not on stealing.

So, who HEDONIST is?

The word "Hedonist" is cognate with hedonism, which we prefer to interpret in our own way. The concept of hedonism, in our view, means enjoying life, both its material aspects and spiritual parts. The full spectrum of emotions, any life experience, the ability to feel and create luxury - all of this should bring pleasure.

The final name settled on a more active and personified derivative of the concept of hedonism. We wanted to feel the action in the word, give it a shade of "the one who...," so we deliberately gave the potential client the right to decide for themselves what specifically brings them pleasure in life, how they imagine it, and how they want or are ready to manifest it in life. Thus, every client of the project is initially perceived as so-called partner in crime.