Our goal is to empower businesses in Bali to start using a conscious reusable products to reduce single use plastics.

“Awareness is curative…” or so they say, and we’re working hard to raise the
awareness about the surging problem of plastic pollution.
Like you have all seen the photos and videos that emerged over the past
years, the plastic littering on the beaches and waterways in beautiful Bali has
become much more severe.

Apart from our own designs, we also provide high quality customise bottles
options for a business and organisation that share our goals and visions.

With our aim to raise the awareness and reducing the amount of plastic
pollution all over the world, we take pride in our 100% food grade stainless
steel bottles, while also expanding on environmentally conscious products
like reusable coffee cups made from bamboo fibre and towels made from
recycled plastic bottles.

We also have 100% handmade copper bottles from India.
Like we all know water that stored on copper material container have positive effects to the body if consumed properly,
especially for your body pH balance.