Collection: The a theme

I created this brand out to of a personal love of being creative and handmade designs.
I love homewares and saw a niche opportunity to build a small independent brand around some beautiful products that I had in mind.

My favourite part of the whole process is playing around with the hundreds of scents I have available, seeing what works with what, creating a special seasonal scent or a Christmas/valentines flavour to match the upcoming celebration.
I make all our own formulas and recipes for the candles, really trying to add a bespoke feel to each candle I put out.
Candles have become one of my main passions as I delve deeper into this business.
The feedback and customer satisfaction is only driving me to create new and more creative recipes and flavours.
There are so many components that go into each stage of production.
Is this the right vessel for this scent, is the wick burning too quick, do I need to change the wick material, am I using the right combination and ratio of different waxes, do the scents combine, or overpower each other.