Minimalistic Duo Elegance

Every collaboration is always about pushing the boundaries. Brands and styling possibilities of their products are revealed, the creative potential of photographers, makeup artists, and models is expanded. Shortly, synergy happens. That's why Hedonist always supports creative collaborations. This photo story is a concept by a talented photographer Manoskina Ekaterina.
Let's allow her to speak for herself:

"For the long time, I’ve wanted to shoot a sensual story with a couple of models, with the main directive being captured both sensuality and style. In aiming for this, I knew it was the best to find not only a couple of models, but those who were a real couple in real life, so they won’t only simulate feelings I wanted to capture, but really live their story and show it on-camera.

Here, in Bali, I met my dream couple for this shooting: Nastya and Vadim. Finally, my idea was able to become true!

Having gathered a team of trusted professionals, we were able to realize our plans and I could only describe how elated am I with the result of this shooting, so I’ll let the images speak for themselves."

We love everything about this shooting! We are sure that you at least once have imagined, how cool this couple could spend time together alone)
Please note that all the products on the models could be purchased in the offline store in Bali, as well as here. Let us know if you would like to put together a total look - we are happy to help.

In collaboration with:

Photographer Ekaterina Manoskina
Styling Diana Osmolovskaia
Model Anastasia Sapri
Vadim Grishaev
Mua Liza Benice

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