She Was a Rebel

Creative photo shoots are always an opportunity to unveil the team's potential. I conduct them to feel how the team can work together and create a creative result filled with meaning. 

Originally, the idea for this shoot was to test the location, see when the light was better there, and do a pre-shoot with the model. But it’s boring to make some simple shoot, therefor it’s necessary to find a muse and invent a game. For a creative director, a muse can be not only a model, but also certain historical moments, movies, life stories, strong images from the world of fashion and culture. 

Here are several points for inspiration worked at once. Our model Nastya used to be blonde. And with her baby face, it was difficult to go beyond the image of a sweet girl to something deeper. We had already worked with Nastya on commercial shoots, and it was always tender, girlish images, which did not match Nastya in real life at all. She used to come to the set before the shoot in ripped jeans styled with several rough belts with rivets, Dr. Martens on her feet, tank tops with images of rock stars, crosses on her neck, and a nose ring - just a pure punk of our time, haha.

And then, one day, Nastya decided to make a radical change and dyed her hair bright red, earning huge respect from me. I believe that it was a heartfelt cry. I love it when people follow their inner voice and decide to make changes in their life. 

When I saw her in this new look, I immediately wanted to do a shoot, and coincidentally, at the same moment, the photographer, also named Nastya, suggested to test this location. That's when the concept of "She Was a Rebel" was born. A story in three images, three stages of the maturation of a rebellious nature. 

When I was gathering the images, I didn't think about the story of maturation, but I stuck to the concept and chose the images intuitively.

During the shoot, we saw the story emerge: the first image was as if little Nastya went out for a walk to the river. Such a little girl usually wears plaid skirts to school, but Nastya and her rebellious spirit chose a skirt from Bross before hos, with images of skulls and flames, and a sweater from Mark Baigent, not just black and white, but with fringes, adding dynamics to the image, created for more playful fun. The look was perfectly complemented by jewelry from FOIO and LUX Aniramchi, taking us back to childhood, to sweets and porcelain dolls. 

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The second image, where Nastya is already a teenager, I think this look is closest to her style now. She was going to school on the first of September with a bouquet of flowers but decided to skip school and lay in a flower field, dreaming about future successes and, of course, about boys. A classic white shirt from Taywear, made of linen fabric since we are in Bali, combined with a bright vest from Mark Baigent, jewelry from Strugadesign, a leather jacket, rough boots, and stockings - create the perfect image of a rebellious teenager. 

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The third image became the most fun for us during the shoot, humorously titled "I'll help build a business on marketplaces". Here our model is already an adult, in a classic suit from Cordero, and a t-shirt from Bross before Hos.

She's a businesswoman, stepping out for an important call with suppliers, a serious girl who has stayed true to herself and her taste even after years. The look was perfectly complemented by jewelry from Strugadesign.

This article is the first one whose authorship belongs not to us, but to the stylist Diana, who graciously revealed a glimpse into her creative world.

In collaboration with:
Art direction and styling Diana Osmolovskaia
Production OSMOS Production
Photographer Anastasiia Sosenko
Model: Anastasiia Mikhailova
Mua Evgeniia Korchagina

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