Shooting Daria

That was the very first shooting we arranged since the doors of hedonist were opened.

Our enthusiasm to express the Brand philosophy was mixed with kind of thrill not to be accepted by industry professionals. Such a cute thing to write about it now with all the experience and feedback we have got. Such a release our passion to adventures vanished our doubts and this shooting happened.

Basically all happened so smoothly that there was no chance we did not make it. 

Someone said Daria arrived to Bali, the next moment a very talented photographer entered the store and said she would be delighted to shoot this model, the next moment I  messaged Daria an offer to “play with us” and crossed the fingers. 

She answered fast and she was ready as the game seamed cool to her and she loved the team. 

There was no way back, not when everything happened like a magic! 

The idea was to show people who was the Hedonist girl. 

She was and still stays, by the way:

- Herself
- Gorgeous 
- Playful
- Enjoying herself/ the place she gets in, life
- Adventurous 
- A bit bold, shy, flirty, confident- a mixture of features that creates the unique attractiveness.

There was another important task: we had to show what Hedonist store was about. 

- Multi brand shop
- Brands based in indonesia 
- The uniqueness of the collection the store provided
- The idea that our clients could buy the total looks, from lingerie to boots in one place