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Hedonist believes that a successful collaboration occurs when all participants are: motivated, can hear and feel each other, create an authentic product/expression that stands independently, are willing to enrich each other.

From its end, Hedonist can:
- involve products from around 150 brands in shoots;
- publish collaboration materials on the brand's website and social media platforms;
- distribute materials among community members, giving credit to all collaboration authors if involved,
- provide its venue for shoots (offline store) and source other venues commercially or for additional collaborations,
- pay for the services of participants or invited artists when collaboration requires it and aligns with Hedonist's interests.

To initiate collaboration, describe your project and idea, attach references, and send a request to hedoniststorebali@gmail.com with the subject "collaboration".

Make sure to describe your idea and provide any relevant details such as references, shooting crew members, models, and the purpose of the shoot.

Remember to add here to the guidelines set by Hedonist to maintain a high standard of service and trust with their partners and clients. This includes providing information in a timely manner, following rules like not making last minute calls, using products supplied by brands (not from the store inventory), ensuring the stylist is accountable for the products' safety, sharing content with Hedonist and brands, and tagging each other in social media postings.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with your collaboration proposal, feel free to ask. Good luck with your collaboration efforts!