Whispers in loud.

THE INDIVIDUALITY. One of the most compelling aspects is empowering self-expression.

THE FIRST PLAN. Originally, we aimed for a minimal and elegant aesthetic, leaning towards the classic rather than casual. However, upon browsing through the impressive pieces hanging on the rails in the first section, my perspective shifted. Forty-five minutes before the shoot, I made an impulsive decision to change the direction. Surprisingly, this change aligned perfectly with my vision.

My name is Rega, and I've been immersed in the creative realm since 2018, serving as a content caretaker. I embarked on my professional journey in the fashion world that same year as a fashion stylist and wardrobe designer. Through numerous experiences, I've discovered that my soul resonates deeply with fashion—from sketching to sewing , crafting into something. Currently, I'm delving into the art of fashion photography. When your passion aligns with your soul, it doesn't feel like work; it becomes a seamless creation process. It is creativity. Enjoying the process no matter how slow it is.

WHISPERS IN LOUD. Inspired by the youthful energy of fashion, "Whispers in Loud" is a deeply personal project, reflecting my own journey. In my early days, I reveled in fashion exploration, embracing experimental styles without concern for opinions. It's a bold representation of rebellion, a reminder that fashion knows no boundaries; we create the rules.As I've matured, my personal style has evolved towards clean cuts and minimalism, a secondary identity whispered amidst the loudness.

Yet, there's a longing to reconnect with my past self, to rediscover confidence by embracing authenticity. This journey began with a conversation with the model, Shilo. What started as a planned test shoot weeks ago evolved into something more ambitious—an exploration of fashion through a group of diverse models.

Our choice of Hedonist Store was deliberate;
its wide array of items allowed us to experiment with various styles.

Whispers in Loud photographed and styled by Rega
Featuring Models: Ivan Katana, Shilo Anna, Kate, Giak, and John.

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