Collection: Frencia

Frencia swimsuits are made for people who are free in spirit and love their Planet.

Our mission: preserving the ecology of our planet by using recycled materials for the production of swimsuits. I strive to lead by example by simply making an informed choice every day. Taking care of myself, includes choosing what fabric materials come in contact with my skin. With this conscious decision not only will this help in taking care of our planet by producing eco-friendly products but will also give me peace of mind.

The production of our swimsuits helps clean up ocean plastic, disposes of food waste (helping to reduce the amount of plastic in our food chain), and saves natural resources at the production stage and as raw materials. For example, the biflex (fabric) used in the production of our swimwear differs from the classic biflex found in other clothing brands in that it is obtained by processing plastic caught from the ocean, and not crude oil. Thus, we also reduce oil consumption and organically clean the planet of tons of plastic, reducing the release of methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.