Collection: Kupu Kupu Lab

During the year of 2020, with the pandemic in full swing, the once thriving island of Bali was hit hard by the closing of its borders. It was then that Puck, who had recently moved to the beautiful island, started creating clothing pieces for her family. With a desire to create comfortable clothing that was child-friendly while reducing her own carbon footprint in the world, her path fortuitously crossed Putu’s. Pieces of natural, local fabrics were sourced and carefully curated by Puck.
In 2023 Kupu Kupu Lab was born. Meaning Butterfly in Bahasa Indonesian, each of Kupu Kupu’s pieces were lovingly created to pay homage to the earth and its people, Kupu Kupu was designed to empower not only the wearer but the creators of each of the beautiful pieces. It was her wish that the clothing would support the feeling of being at home in one’s skin. Her love for dancing and movement played a huge role in the creation of many of the pieces as she wanted the wearer to feel the same liberation she feels when she dances, as they move.

Let our clothing become an extension of your body’s natural rhythm, allowing you to move through each day with fluidity and in flow.