Collection: NOKA

NOKA offers an avant-gardist vision with ethically, sustainable, and handcrafted luxurious interior design products. We are two women embarking on a journey to evoke the senses with perfumes, shapes, and colors. The ecological and ethical challenges that weigh on our generation have been a source of innovation to develop products completely handcrafted with as many natural materials realistically possible. Our vision is to transform the concept of home as an experience through senses being in constant evocation.

Each sculpture has its own particularities which require us to have a certain flexibility of adaptation in the molding technique that we have developed and manufactured by hand in our workshop. We use primary color pigment powders that we assemble by varying different dosages to obtain the official colors of our collections. In order to avoid several types of imperfections, we massage our molds using a vibration device allowing the air bubbles to rise to the surface.