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Black Sadhu Board Futuristic Style with Copper Nails

Black Sadhu Board Futuristic Style with Copper Nails

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Yes, this is a unique sadhu board made of solid teak wood in a futuristic style.


Thanks to the stimulation of nerve endings on the foot, healing processes take place throughout the body:

• Promotes weight loss. Exchange processes will be accelerated.
• Normalizes blood circulation in the legs. Edema and swelling of the legs appear.
• Regular practice improves sleep.
• Improves overall well-being.
• Increases the amount of energy
• With the help of the Council of the Sadhu, you can develop willpower.
• Board Sadhu perfectly awakens
• Standing on nails helps to remove stagnant energy from the body - get rid of past grievances and bad experiences.
This is truly a healing product!

5 minutes a day is enough to feel a strong
burst of energy.

We can make Sadhu boards according to individual sizes, with a unique design, color and pattern (for this, write to us in private messages).

Teak wood products last more than 50 years due to the content of natural rubber.
The tree has a unique golden hue.
The advantage of teak is that the wood is so dense that termites cannot eat it and it does not get moldy.

We do nails by hand. Each nail is sharpened by the hands of a master and has a high quality of processing. We use copper nails, but we can install silver nails (if you want this option, send us a private message and we will make a separate order).

Copper nails are great because they have antibacterial properties and never rust, unlike galvanized nails which do not have these benefits.

The weight of the board is only 950 grams.
Which is very important if you take your nails with you on a trip!

It is important to know that a tree has features!

Wood is a living material and with a sudden change in climate - from wet to dry - moisture can begin to come out and the tree can change its shape.

Do not worry. The shape change is not critical and does not affect the practice of nailing in any way. This has only a visual effect.

Also, the color of the wood may vary slightly from the photo.

We make boards in standard sizes up to size 44, but if you need a size smaller or larger, just ask us in a private message and we will make it for you!

With love, your HEALTHY HEALING!
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