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Carpet with nails

Carpet with nails

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Carpet with nails for resting and lying on nails. Relieves tension and tightness of the back muscles. Good for calming and immersing you in a state of deep meditation.

This rug is made of red teak wood. It has a pleasant natural golden color and a special fragrance.

The installed hand-ground copper nails
have antibacterial properties and will never rust.

How it works.

By acting on the soft tissues of the back, blood and lymph flow is improved. As a result, the tissues become softer and where there was tension, relaxation occurs. Normalizes the movement of prana and energy through the body.

- Promotes weight loss as metabolic processes are accelerated.
- Normalizes blood circulation
- Improves sleep.
- Improves general well-being.
- Increases energy.
- With a carpet with nails, you can damage willpower.
- Great wake-up call.
4 hours of sleeping on a rug equates to 8 hours of regular sleep.
This is therapeutic validity!

Just 10 minutes a day is enough to notice a difference in your condition.

It is important to know that wood has properties!
Wood is a living material, and when the climate changes drastically, wood can dry out and change its shape.

The change in shape is not critical and does not affect the practice in any way.
It only has a visual effect.

The carpet has a woven upholstery which is at once a cover. The nail strips are removable

Our factory is located in Bali, Indonesia.

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