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Nutritive conditioner bar

Nutritive conditioner bar

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A nourishing conditioner bar that makes hair feel smooth and shiny. Enriched with silk protein and precious camellia oil. Silicone and sulphate-free.

Suited to: All hair types with a special magic for dry and damaged hair, while also being color-safe

Key ingredients: 
Camellia oil, jojoba oil, silk protein

50g, lasts around 45+ washes

Why it works: 
Camellia oil reinforces hair and increases hair gloss intensity for a visibly improved hair quality:
- It is clinically proven to significantly increase the hair force by +13% when used in a conditioner.⁠ It means hair has better resistance to damage.
- It is clinically proven to significantly gloss intensity by +31% when used in a conditioner.⁠ Hair appears more luminous and in better shape.
Silk protein leaves a protective film and penetrates through the hair cuticle providing substantive properties.
Jojoba oil increases shine and makes combing easier.
Olive oil unsaponifiables work as a natural alternative to silicones and provide hair lightweight conditioning and shine.

How to use:

  1. Wet your conditioner bar with warm water, then activate it by massaging it between wet hands.
  1. Glide the bar over your lengths.
  2. Rinse, dry, and enjoy soft and shiny hair.
  3. Store the conditioner bar on a soap dish with drain holes, so it gets dry.
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