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Sadhu board with hand carved openwork pattern, premium quality.

Sadhu board with hand carved openwork pattern, premium quality.

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This is a real work of art. Hand carved openwork pattern on mahogany Teak. Hand drawn drawing. and Manual sharpening and installation of nails - Made this model special and filled with attention to every nail tip.
What you will get from this tool:
• Accelerated metabolic processes. Promotes weight loss.
Normalizes blood circulation in the legs. The swelling will go away and
swelling of the legs.
• The work of all body systems improves, because on the foot
collected a huge number of nerve endings.
• Regular practice improves sleep.
• Improves overall well-being.
• With the help of the Sadhu Board, one can develop willpower.
• The Sadhu board perfectly includes the body and gives a high level
5 minutes a day is enough to feel powerful
surge of strength.
Products made of Teak Wood serve more than 50 years due to high
density and the presence of natural rubber inside the barrel
The tree has a unique golden hue.
The tree is not afraid of moisture and will never grow moldy. Same way
it is unaffected by termites.
Nails are made by hand. Every nail is sharpened
master and has a high quality of processing.
The board has magnets for safe transportation.
It is important to know that a tree has features!
Wood is a living material and with a sharp change in climate - from wet to dry - moisture can begin to come out and the tree can change its shape.
Do not worry. The shape change is not critical and does not affect the practice of nailing in any way. This has only a visual effect.
Also, the color of the wood may vary slightly from the photo.
The standard board size is up to 40 foot sizes. If you need a larger size - write to us.
Wood Type: Mahogany Premium Teak.
Nails: hand-sharpened copper nails
Pattern: Unique hand-cut pattern
Difficulty level: The standard entry level is 10 mm. between the tips of the nails.
Weight: 800-1100 grams depending on board size
We can make Sadhu Boards according to individual sizes,
with unique design, color and pattern.
With love, Zdrava Healing!
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